• Muthiyor illam in Coimbatore

    A Contented life
    for your loved ones!

    We have the greatest responsibility to care for our seniors and make their life
    a rich and a dignified one!

  • Muthiyor illam in Coimbatore

    The best care option
    for your loved one!

    We represent a great value in caring our loved ones
    to turn their life beautiful with tranquillity.

  • Muthiyor illam in Coimbatore

    A tailored care option
    for your senior living!

    We are here to make your senior life to be entitled with master piece of bliss.

Welcome to Aarogya Kudumbam

The word Aarogya signifies holistic health of body, mind and soul and the word Kudumbam Signifies like-minded Senior citizens living in harmony as one united family with new found friends. Aarogya Kudumbam is being established for a happy, contended living of senior citizens on a no-profit no-loss basis.


You Are What You Eat







forest bathing arena

Inaugural Function(7th Feb)

Honarary Advisory committee

Senior philanthropic citizens of Coimbatore

DR.KUMARAVEL I.F.S, Full Time Member, Planning commission.

Mr. K. Ramaswamy, Chairman, Roots Industries.

Mrs. Nandini Rangaswamy, Managing Director, Chandra Group.

Dr. G. Lakshmipathi, Geriatric physician.

Our Services

We focus on excellence for senior by providing the quality life to resident senior citizens care with no-profit and no-loss. Our services include retirement plan, Unique Features like health care, organic foods, Internet facilities and Keep fit programme.

Our Activities

Our activities include games and crafts for seniors that will make them well engaged and assist them to be more active. Our resources will meet all of your programming needs of activities for senior citizens.

House Sparrows at Aarogyakudumbam

House Sparrows are rarely seen these days probably due to indiscriminate use of Pesticides, Erection of Cell Phone Towers with Radiation Hazards the Population of Sparrows Has Dwindled

Here at Our Retirement Home Aarogya Kudumbam at Mangarai, Coimbatore. We have hundreds of sparrows, as one of our family

Residents enjoy their company, Sparrows very friendly, not scared of residents who feed them with love and compassion.

Enjoy the video clip with the Sparrows frolicking burrowing the sand to rid of their seven year itch

Video Click by Mr. Sridhar Senior Resident at Aarogya Kudumbam

The support of Aarogya Kudumbam
coordinator is always available