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  • medical joke


    Anervous patient : Doctor I often feel like killing myself.

                                     What shall I do ?


    Doctor:                    Don't worry. Just leave it to me

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  • medical joke

    Doctor to patient  . Sorry I left behind a glove by mistake. I will have to operate again to get my gloves.


    Patient to Doctor : You must be mad.Here take this Rs.50 and buy a new gloves.

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  • political jokes

    "And how do you accout for your defeat in all the polls ?"

    "I was a victim"

    "A victim of what? "

    "" Of accurate counting"


    A man announced to his freind: "I want to run for Prime mininter"

    His astoninshed friend asked,"Are you crazy? "

    "Why ? " Is that necessary?"

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  • Humor at office

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  • Tax or Fine


    A Fine is a tax for doing wrong --A Tax is a fine for doing wellsmiley

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