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  • the art of conversation

    The art of conversation consists as much to listening poliitely  as in talking agreeably



    My thiughts  : both listening polietly and taliking agreeablly are art by themselves.The process of conversation ends with fruitful result   If either fo art is not followed then the conversation is an egositc argument with no end result 

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  • Obstacles


      All obstacles are,ultimately,internal.What you see as an obstacle,another sees as a stepping stone leading to successenlightened

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  • value of truthfullness


    If an inquiring child is put off with a lie,the parent loses certain degree of respect

                                                                                                   L ee Alexander Stone

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  • city graveyard


    A City is grave yard for the living Akbar Ali .Jetha


    My Thoughts: With musrooming of multistoreyed buildings, massive felling of trees in the guise of widening roads, increasing vechicular traffic pumping noxious gas,disharmonious relationship amongst us --YES WE ARE ONLY EXISTING AND NOT LIVING.!!! 

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  • judgement




    My thoughts : When we underestimate others ,it amounts to overestimating self-and this is due to -EGO.each individual is different in their thinking,code of conduct,lifestyle etc and if it is not intune with the lisitener ,one should politely agree to disagree rather than trying to force their ideas on others   

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