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you are what you eat
  • eat to stay fit

    choose whole grain unpolished rice,cereals,nuts,fruits like banana,and moderate helping of root veg for carbohydrate. Avoid deep friedoily foods,pizzas,burgers,processed food which are loaded with high salt.

    include pulses,poultry,fish,milk etc as they contain body building proteins.

    make it a point eart frsh fruits,apple.pomegranate,guava,dates,amla banana.they are rich sources of vitamins,minerals,antioxidants,and are rich in fibre content.

    never skip breakfast.

    monosaturated fatpresent in ground nut oil,mustard oil,cotton seed oil,and nuts like almonds,hazel nut, walnut  are good for brain ,heart and skin.polusaturated fats found in sunfloweroil,soyabean oil.saturated oil foud in red meat,trans fat,dairy products,bakery food are better avioded.

    eat at regular timing more so with family members.

    last donot get carried away by eye catching ads.


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  • power of prunes

    The power of prunes

    1}high fibre content -- helps easy evacuation of bowels

    2}High content of  Iron,Potassium,Beta -Carotene, tasty nutrient hekos to obercome nausea,loss of energy, anaemia etc

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  • how you eat

    Never skip breakfast. ,never eat while watching T.V. or working with P.C.

    Eat with family. Chew the food properly. Snacking between meals to be avioded.

    Eat lot of fruits,vegetables ,drink lot of water.avoid processed and polished food.A combination of variety,balance and moderation is the key to healthy eating

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  • bee family


    Only the pupa which is fed with Royal jelly becomes the Queen bee. The rest of pupa which is fed with nectar becomes the worker bee 

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  • apple


    True to the quote "A apple a day keeps the doctor away"

    1]Lowers the blood cholestrol.

    The pectin in soluble  fiber [content about 3.5.gms in a apple } gets attached to the  cholestrol especially the bad one and eliminates it. thus the blocking of the arteries are prevented. Lower cholestrol means lower risk of heart attack stroke.

    2] Good for constipation : The insoluble fibre content helps easy evacution thus reducing the chances of diverticulosis,colonic cancer

    3] Booster for immune system The phyto nutrients in the apple helps to boost up the immune system

    4] The compoud quercetin  in the apple skin  is an antioxident. it helps to prevent cancer.

    5]For diarrhoea: the apples may be grated letting it turn brown and mix it with a little honey when eaten is a good remedy for diarrohea

    One line of caution: The apples are coated with wax and hence  it should be scrubed well before eating

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