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  • diet and exercise

    so much reg.the value of diet has  been propagated through all medias - hence I will confine to my tips

    1} never, ever skip breakfast

    2}chew well before swallowing

    3}avoid too much salt.spices,deep fried fast  foods

    4} if you are non-veg, take only fish which has lot of omega -3 and antioxidents

    5}Add at least four raw fruits,plenty of vegetables and 3 lit.of water every day

    6} stick to biological clock--eat only  when you feel hungry--drink when you feel thirsty-sleep whem you feel sleepy and so pass motion only when you get the urge and not when you want it {to avoid anal outlet problem}


    REG.EXERCISE: My views

    brisk walking outdoor is the best form-time: early morning when the air is fresh and less polluted

    walking alone concetrating is a form of meditation-when you get an answer to a problem you are facing--you are rejuvenated with creative ideas. 

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    Each individual is his own architect of  his life.Just like a strong house built to with stand any turbulations

    we have to balnce our life style so that it does not fall into pieces but rather live in harmony with nature and familes.

    The purpose of balancing:  to live a contended and blissful life.

    What are aspects in life to be balnced?

    1] work and leisure

    2]diet and exercise

    3]balancing thoughts{minds}

    4] balancing speech

    5] Balancing friendship

    6]balancing family relations

    6]balancing the budget

    7] balancing giving and takings

    8]balancing your exoectations and achievements

    9] balancing time


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  • balancing work and leisure
    If one wants to be at their best at work or leisure it has to be balanced i.e do one thing at a time work while you work be at   ease while at leisure. There is no point in thinking about home when we are at work and vice a versa thinking about work while at home. Good relaxsation at leisure time ,rejuvenates us to take upwork effectively

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