The senior citizens retirement living Aarogyakudumbam is situated in 10 acre plot at the foot hills of Western Ghats.

Citizens are admitted without any discrimination of caste or creed or religion. There is no cut of point of age. Citizens who have satisfactorily fulfilled their family and social commitments and who wish to retire to a place where they can pursue their hobby and lead a healthy and contended life.
Yes, 800Sqft is allocated for Yoga, Meditation. This hall also has well stocked Library.
Yes as per the wish expressed at the time of admission.
Deduction will be made for continuous absence of minimum 15 days.
Minimum period of stay is 2 months.
With prior notice guests can be accommodated for a day or two only.
Yes. You will be given photo identity card to be taken with you when going out. You are expected to enter the time of departure and expected time of arrival to the home in the register kept in the office.
We are committed for the safety of the residents and as such the total area is covered with compound wall and solar fencing day and night watch and ward, intercom facility, fire extinguishers are provided.
Sorry such items are not allowed in the campus.
Disabled bedridden patients are not admitted. But differently abled persons who can look after themselves may be admitted.
Sorry own domestic help is not permitted.
In-house resident doctor is available. Regular B. P. and blood sugar check E.CG, suction, oxygen, minor operative procedures etc. can be undertaken at a nominal cost. In case of emergency transport to a nearby hospital may be arranged. Health profiles of all the residents are kept in the system.


A form of out door meditation getting immersed in natural environment (Avoid all electrical gadgets)

Go to the forest

Walk slowly

Open all your senses, see the greenery, smell the emission from trees, touch the tree bark, feel the gum that exudes from the tree, hear the birds chipping , taste some of the edible fruits like Nellikai,Kattu puli,small berries etc.no premeditated plan just walk through

Breathing unpolluted air with freshly emitted oxygen from the trees Birds chipping, the sound of water gushing ,sunray streaks through the trees has a cheerful,rejuvenating experience.


Low B.P,Reduced stress,depression.Better sleep,over all sense of happiness,increased immunity ,increase in the killer cells,reduced obesity,diabetis,etc

Yes two months prior notice is essential.
No, warming of beverages may be done in the cottage only.
Pets may be kept in a separate kennel but not allowed inside the residential campus.
You are advised not to keep your valuables within the campus.
It includes accommodation charges, housekeeping, food, maintenance of common areas, garden, backup generator, and provision of water for bathing, staff salary, welfare, utilisation of meditation and yoga hall, Library, indoor and outdoor activities and access to in house temple.
Yes for a limited number of vehicles.
Yes, a vinayakar temple within the campus.
Yes after paying the deposit check in within two months.
Wi-Fi will be installed for easy browsing.
Pick up facilities available at nominal extra charges.

The support of Aarogya Kudumbam
coordinator is always available