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Retirement communities in Coimbatore

Timing of Retirement

After one has fulfilled his or her family and social responsibilities retirement should be planned well in advance so that one does not walk into void after retirement.

The most important thing is to look forward to retirement with a realistic plan ready to go so that on leaving the work you can step directly into a new and enjoyable experience. YOU MUST RETIRE TO SOMETHING AND NOT FROM SOMETHING. Retirement need not be considered as set back. Leisure like work has to be planned.

Financial Position

One should have planned and saved enough funds to take care of their health and living after retirement, since their income is reduced after retirement. It will be added advantage if the citizens hold a Med claim Policy.

Retirement communities in Coimbatore
Retirement communities in Coimbatore

Retirement Place

The place should have intrinsic charm and tranquillity, away from chaos of modern civilization and which provides togetherness of like-minded citizens. In addition the place should provide basic health care, healthy food, encourage hobbies like bee keeping, gardening or others of your choice, yoga, meditation and exercises to keep the body, soul and mind in perfect harmony.

Life after Retirement

The essence of happy retirement is to disengage from the present and to engage in a new activity of your interest. After retirement we still have a few things to do and a little more distance to travel. Your calendar is filled NOT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BUT WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO. One really doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. With right attitude this life can be a kind of commencement into a most satisfying part of leisure and contented life. The real essence of retirement is the freedom to choose the kind of life with choices

That is genuinely open to you. with controlled continuance of activity, lively maintenance of interest moderate sat vic food retirement can indeed be golden period and one is sure to find SUN BEAMS OF LIGHT AND MOON BEAMS OF WISDOM. LET US WALK TOGETHER TOWARDS A LEISURELY PACE OF LIFE AND AGE GRACEFULLY.

Retirement communities in Coimbatore

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