Independance day was celebrated at 7.15 a.m. with a flg hoisting by Mr.Krishnamoorthy a resident senior at aarogyakudumbam.Mrs. Meenakshi who is with us at the home for more than a year sang "THAIN MANI KODI PAREER ".she has such melodiious voice and good memory at her 8o+ age.

Mr.Krishnamoorthy spoke reg his memories of independance day ,and the need to remain patriotic immaterial of the caste,religion,colour. sweets were distributed to the children and the residents.

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All the residents were individualy greeted and wished for happy diwali with distribution of sweets. we refrained from using crackers for fear of polluting the environment

Neer More Panthal conducted every year at summer. 

 73rd Independenceday celebrated at Aarogyakudumbam with flag hoisting by veteran Gandhian Mr.Vekatraman.

We have introduced a novel concept of "FOREST BATHING" which promotes immunity,sense of well being,profound happiness

Recently we have introduced a novel concept "FOREST  BATHING"

When the residents go out in the forest area within our campus ,they are rejuvenated with fresh Oxygen, a unique sense of well being, in addition the chances inflammatory diseases ,asthma, back ache etc gets relieved.

Republic day celebrations on 26th January 2021  @ AAROGYAKUDUMBAM

Senior citizen Mr.Sundaram Hoisted the flag and spoke about hopeful prospects of India becoming a economically stable ,powerful military is not far off and by the 2040 we are going to most dynamic country in the world. His optimistic view results clapping in appreciation.

 The resident members of Aarogyakudumbam ,a retirement home at Mangarai, Coimbatore were taken onto the woods for FOREST BATHING experience. After a preliminary introduction about Forest bathing - sense of wellness, reduced stress, cardiac, metabolic health issues more  so improved immune response etc, the members took a leisurely walk in the woods without any electronic gadgets, slowly enjoying the serene ambience, the unique forest aroma, listening to birds chipping 

Overall a delightful trekking, a wish to experience again .

Independence day 15th August 2021. National flag hoisted by Sri Krishnan ,of Sri Krishna sweets.

75 TH INDIA  INDEPENDANCE DAY CELEBRATION AT AAROGYAKUDUMBAM. Sri. Krishnan of Sri Krishna sweets hoisted the flag.

Residents as they are in soft fascination immersing themselves in the forest ambience and aroma without any voluntary effort  whine forest bathing